Buy our Safe and Economical Electronic Cigarette UK

By | January 31, 2017

We are an established UK electronic cigarettes company, and we supply e cigs to UK residents. Our e cigarettes are safe and affordable, not to mention environmental friendly and reusable. The ecig comes in a starter pack with different components which work together to produce the needed fumes for smoking. A battery, cartridge(s) and liquefied nicotine comprise components of the starting kit.


Electronic cigarette liquid

The e cigarette fumes/ smoke come from the vaporization of the e liquid supplied with the cartridges or bulk. We supply this e-liquid in cartridges of different sizes and varying nicotine content levels. Nicotine acts as a stimulant, just as tobacco, but has less smelly fumes and its vaporization do not emit ash or carbon. The e liquid contains varying levels of nicotine contents to give smokers a chance to regulate their nicotine intake; some eliquid does not contain nicotine and works well for people working on quitting their smoking.


We make and supply different sized cartridges. This means that clients can choose as big or small a size as they desire for their e-cig liquid. In addition to this, we ensure that our cartridges are flavored and that a client can choose their pleasant flavor instead of resigning to smelling of tobacco. We clearly label all cartridges on how much liquid each can hold, the flavor and nicotine content.

E cigs battery

The power that vaporizes e-cigs liquid comes from the batteries that we supply with the starter kits. Our batteries are rechargeable so that people can smoke anywhere they go, as long as they have their batteries powered, and they do not have to buy new batteries regularly. The batteries are safe to use; come with an adapter and USB cord to plug into the cigarette.

Sophisticated e cigarettes

The reason why our e-cig has gained much popularity, over tobacco cigarettes, rests in its smoke production mechanism and the absence of offensive smoke or ash. Electronic cigarettes, powered by the battery, heat up the eliquid to produce clean and moist fumes while regular cigarettes burn tobacco to emit dry carbon filled smoke and ash. E cigarette can thus be smoked anywhere, and has little restrictions while tobacco cigarettes have many restrictions; including age and smoking zone.

Buy our electronic cigarette UK

We supply some of the most affordable and safe e-cigs in the UK. With our cigarettes coming in a complete kit, smokers can easily start smoking as soon as they have their starter pack; no technical difficulties. The reusability of different components of our e cig, cartridges can be refilled or replaced with new ones and the battery can be recharged, saves clients money as they do not have to buy a new starter packs every time they need to smoke. The clean, flavored vapor makes our e-cigs more environmental friendly, a healthier option for smokers and less offensive to third parties.